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KIP_Paviljon Rožnik_017.jpg

Cycling centre and restaurant

Location: Ljubljana

Client: Private

Year: 2022

Program: hospitality

Area: 300 m2

Architecture: Ognen Arsov, Ana Kosi, Žiga Rošer


The conceptual design of the pavilion is based on an analysis of the area and takes into account the spatial qualities of the site. The spatial layout of the building connects the cycle path on the north side of the site with the creekside arrangement on the south side of the site. This preserves the existing green spaces and enhances the natural qualities of the area. 

The construction and façade materials follow a material scheme that is derived from the context of the existing natural landscape, dominated by meadows and woodland. A timber structure is envisaged in combination with glass surfaces, rising slightly above the existing terrain on a concrete base. The design follows the logic of simple vernacular buildings with a logical gradation of materials according to weather exposure. The proposed materials are ecological, sustainable and durable. The energy-saving design of the building is based on an equal ratio of solid and glass surfaces. The gable roof with a minimum pitch takes advantage of the use of renewable solar energy.

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