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Office Renovation 

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Client: Private

Year: 2020

Program: office

Area: 750 m2

Architecture: Ognen Arsov, Ana Kosi, Sara Škarica, Barbara Žunkovič

Collage: Sara Škarica

Photo: Miran Kambič and office archive

Renovation of the office space of an IT development company followed the idea of opening, fluidity and interconnection of the entire space. The floor area was completely liberated of walls and divided by ten multi functional ečements. The space is developed as a single unit with a clearly and rhythmically organized flow. All elements share a unified design, but each element is unique in its micro-organization.  

Office elements are designed as large grid structures that house cabinets, shelving, windows, worktables, whiteboards, planters, etc. The elements are a physical interpretation of the software network the company creates. In terms of material the cabinets are made of white profiles and panels of raw MDF. 

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