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Car and Spa Canopy

Location: Šentjernej, Slovenia

Client: Private

Year: 2021

Program: Auxiliary facility of the House

Area: 91 m2

Architecture: Ognen Arsov, Ana Kosi, Sara Škarica 


The pavilion consists of two volumes connected but yet separated by a single roof. It is located in a rural setting in Šentjernej next to a single-family house. The two new simple buildings which are not physically connected, are programmatically different. The full, more intimate volume contains a sauna and an enclosed storage room, the open volume contains parking spaces which only need a canopy. Both volumes are placed under a 'common roof' interrupted by a common gutter for roof pitch and rainwater drainage. In this way, the two volumes are connected and a 'dry' passage is created. In this way, when not occupied by cars, the roof becomes an outdoor living room or covered terrace. 

The roof is designed to match the roof of the single-family house. A wooden roof "overhangs" the two buildings above the metal filigree structure. Both volumes open onto the garden and the house and close onto the road. A high hedge provides greater privacy for the buildings.

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