exhibition about Valentin Vodnik

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Client: MGML, Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana

Year of implementation: 2016

Program: exhibition

Area: 32 m2

Author of the exhibition and texts: mag. Janez Polajnar

Co-authors of the exhibition: dr. Marijan Dović, dr. Luka Vidmar, Teja Kleč, Ana Kosi, Milanka Fabjančič Graphic design: Teja Kleč (Teja Ideja)

Architecture: Svet vmes d.o.o. (Jure Hrovat, Ana Kosi, Ana Kreč) 

Illustration: Milanka Fabjančič

Production: Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana and Divja misel Institute

Sponsors: City of Ljubljana, RIKO

Photography: Tilen Sepič


At the Vodnik Homestead, the birthplace of the first Slovenian poet, a content-rich exhibition dedicated to Vodnik's life and work was set up in a memorial room measuring just 32 m2.


The exhibition is based on the concept of a "cabinet of curiosities". This concept enables a logical and transparent organization of extensive and diverse information in a very limited space. A Wunderkammer is a small space capsule, a microcosm containing data, objects, documents and pictorial material on a particular subject. Cabinets of curiosities are designed interactively. A total of 88 rotating panels inside the cabinets dictate the particular dynamics of viewing the exhibition. Information is organized bilaterally, with interpretative text on one side of the panel and the related pictorial material or object on the other side of the panel. Accidental rotation of the panels constantly changes the image of the exhibition. The visitor can view the exhibition in any order and non-linearly discover its contents.

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