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Social housing

Location: Tržič, Slovenia

Client: SSRS, housing fund of the Republic of Slovenia

Year: 2023

Program: residential

Area: 1.100 m2

Architecture: Ognen Arsov, Ana Kosi, Ajda Merslavič, Ajda Lukman


The multi-apartment building is located in the northwestern part of Slovenia, in the small town of Tržič. The project site is a part of a distinctly sloping terrain and is surrounded by existing multi-apartment buildings. On the site of the planned building, there is an existing residential building with 17 smaller apartments, which is planned for demolition, as its shape encroaches on the surroundings of other multi-apartment buildings, and the apartments are too small for today's living needs.


The new building is designed as a K+P+1+M storey building with 8 apartments, and we called it long, because due to the slope of the terrain, the basement is half buried into it, the building sits in the terrain, and its height remains less present in the environment than its length. There is a semi-open staircase in the building, which consequently enables two-sided orientation for all apartments. Each apartment has a loggia, the apartment typology are 2-room and 2+room apartments. The apartments on the 1st floor can, if necessary, be transformed into duplexes, which in terms of area and organization reach 3-room and 4-room apartments.

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