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KIP_boh.bistrica_02_naslovnica (krajša).jpg

Open competition

Location: Bohinjska Bistrica, Slovenia

ZAPS Open Architectural Copmetition  

Honorable mention

Year: 2021

Program: transport

Area: 11.700 m2

Architecture: Ognen Arsov, Ana Kosi, Žiga Rošer, Matjaž Horjak

Transport design: PNZ, d.o.o.

Collage: Sara Škarica


The 27,000 m2 site intended for the modern transport centre is located on the site of a historic and heritage-listed railway and railway station dating back to the time of Maria Theresa. The proposed solution divides the area into three sections: the northern part is dedicated to caravan parking, access to the motorail service and underground bus parking, the southern part is intended to house the bus station and underground car parking and the central part is designed to form a public square in front of the main railway station building. This part of the platform is intended entirely for pedestrians and cyclists. 

The solution places a major part of the railway and bus station program in the existing historic buildings while the remaining facilities are located in underground areas.The historic buildings are extended by two modern canopies at ground floor level. The larger canopy stands above the bus station while the smaller one covers the island platform of the railway station. The two canopies are designed in a simple and restrained manner with a central line of columns supporting a double-sided cantilevered pleated zigzag roof. Under the larger canopy is a newly designed green staircase atrium that is the new main entry point to the passenger centre.

KIP_boh.bistrica_05_shema oblika strehe.jpg
KIP_boh.bistrica_05_shema povezav.jpg
KIP_boh.bistrica_04_shema layerji.jpg
KIP_boh.bistrica_01_naslovnica (dolga).jpg
KIP_boh.bistrica_08_tloris pritličja.jpg
KIP_boh.bistrica_10_prečni prerez.jpg
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