kongresni center

Location: Ljubljana Slovenia

Client: Union Hoteli, d.d.

Year: 2019

Program: congress

Area: 315 m2

Architecture: Ognen Arsov, Ana Kosi, Žiga Rošer, Barbara Žunkovič 

"Doodle" art work: Jure Markota

Collage: Sara Škarica

Photographer: Janez Marolt, office archive


The convention centre is located atypically in a former auto showroom. Even though the space was defined by the massive load-bearing structure, it was necessary to ensure the flexibility of user scenarios - either having three smaller lecture rooms, one large lecture room or a maximum open space intended for events. We met these requirements by using two elements: a reflective, technical, folding wall and a printed, corrugated curtain. The various layout combinations of these two elements allow for different ambient conditions. 


The space was designed as a gallery, in neutral white and featuring the work of artist Jure Markota. The curtain and the floor serve as canvas for the artist's graphic titled “The Doodle”. The central motives of the graphic’s design were everyday sketches, made normally when their creator is not aware. Usually these are quick and easy drawings that appear on the edges of notebooks, scraps of paper, etc. The composition of the graphic consists of drawings of  random authors. As a result the curtain graphics offer the viewer an interesting look into unconscious creation which humorously addresses and enriches space and time.

Tehnolev collage.jpg