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Apartment Hotel

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Client: private

Year: 2022

Program: tourism

Area: 4.900 m2

Architecture: Ognen Arsov, Ana Kosi, Žiga Rošer, Ajda Merslavič, Sara Škarica, Matjaž Horjak


The location of the apartment hotel is located behind Celovška cesta in Ljubljana, in a distinctly industrial zone. The size of the building is provisionally determined by the building boundary, as well as the number of storeys, which is prescribed by the building plan for the mentioned area.

In order to be able to achieve urban planning factors, we designed the building as an elongated terraced volume. Such architectural design enables the opening of the building to the south, the design of green terraces for all residents/users and a sufficient amount of light for the entire building. The building program consists of rooms, a public and social program, service areas for near by catering and a basement garage. The public bar and social spaces are always oriented towards the southwest, which is also reflected on the facade.


The materiality of the object depends on the location itself. It is characterized by a rough visible concrete structure, which is designed as a continuous net of round concrete columns. The facade consists of glass surfaces and composite panels, which create an industrial image of the building.

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