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Place of birth: 

Rijeka, Croatia



Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, 2018 



Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana 2012-2018

AA Visiting School, Vitanje, Slovenia, 2016



Work at architectural offices: Svet vmes, Ana Gruden architects, Rijekaprojekt, Počivašek Petranovič architects.

Scissors-Collage project: diary of ideas realised through collages and illustrations, development of concepts and thoughts through graphics, developing an approach towards creating critical distance to realised architectural projects.

Scissors-Collage exhibitions: 

Solo exhibition of architectural collages: Late night thoughts getting physical, Tozd, Ljubljana, 2017

Scissors-Collage publications: 

Collage, cover: Architecture in consonance, Outsider (special 4th anniversary edition), 2019

Collage, graphic accompanying the article: Advocating for heterotopy, Outsider 14, 2018

Collage, graphic accompanying the article: Advocating for heterotopy II, Outsider 15, 2018

Scissors-Collage publications: 

"Ana Kučan: Onkraj kraja", S. Škarica and D. Sretenović, Outsider 12, 2018


REruralizacija - Food research centre in Komiža, Symposium ISLANDS IN FOCUS: Anatomy of an island, Vis, Croatia, 2019


Honorable mention _ Tokyo Vertical Cemetery international competition, project “Beacons of eternity” Tokyo, Japan, 

Authors: Jure B. Sajovic, Sara Škarica

3rd prize   Design competition for the reconstruction of central town squares in Koprivnica

Authors: Alen Žunić, Sara Škarica, Ines Jakopanec, Rea Mihelko 

Nomination for international student prize Piranesi and participation at the international architectural exhibition Piranesi 2016 with the project ‘‘Noordung - critical distance, DIY’’, Authors: Tin Jelavić, Sara Škarica, Ajdin Vuković, Jan Žužek

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