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Social housing Resljeva
open competition

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Open Architectural Competition, Honorable mention

Year: 2023

Program: residential

Area: 2.710 m2

Architecture: Ognen Arsov, Ana Kosi, Ajda Merslavič, Ajda Lukman, Matjaž Horjak, Aleksander Vujović

Landscape architecture: Nika Marn


The location of the competition area is in the city centre of Ljubljana. It has two characters - on one side it faces the historically important Resljeva Street, on the other side it faces a diverse residential quarter. The solution introduces a newly designed urbanism into the existing quare, as a composite of two residential buildings. The first, a lamella facing Resljeva Road, follows parallel to the road and respectfully touches the existing building adjacent to the competition area. The second, a tower, stands freely in the space and is rotated outside the expected spatial lines. The rotation introduces a new dynamic to the space, while providing the best possible natural light to the dwellings and not diminishing the light to other surrounding buildings. The urbanism creates a dialogue between the two buildings, which are also inextricably linked to the external environment. The landscaped exterior is a varied composition of several ambiences for all generations.

The proposal consists of 32 social dwellings of smaller square metres. Half of the dwellings are oriented both ways, while the other half are corner-oriented. The facade is designed as a dialogue between the basic volume and the suspended external living area volumes. The western facade, oriented towards Resljeva Street, interprets the historic urban fabric in a contemporary way, while inside the residential quarter, its character is transformed into a facade that unambiguously indicates the purpose of the building. The two characters are linked by the facade materials.

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