office renovation

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia 

Client: private

Year: 2018

Program: business 

Area: 104 m2

​Architecture: Ognen Arsov, Ana Kosi, Barbara Žunkovič 

Photography: Tilen Sepič

Conceptual collage: Sara Škarica


The main goal in the renovation of this once dark and partitioned office space was to design an open and airy interior by using natural light to its fullest potential. In the organization of the program we relied on the rhythm of the ten pillars that divide the space into four identical areas: the service area, the two workspace areas and the meeting room area.


To keep the space open and fluid we used the space between the pillars adjacent to the multipurpose hall to accommodate necessary cabinets. We designed the main character element of the interior among these pillars - a wall with eight rhythmically strung abstract shutters. The office’s entrails and window niches are stored away behind the shutters (archives, storage areas, wardrobe, multimedia, installations). Using different combinations of open and closed shutters users can change the ambience of the office space as needed. The character of the room thus fluctuates between retained / clean and relaxed / saturated.

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