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KIP_novomesto oskrbovana_01.jpg


Invited competition, 2nd place

Location: Novo Mesto, Slovenia

Client: Pension and Disability Insurance Real Estate Fund

Year: 2020

Program: Elderly Housing 

Area: 1.228 m2

Architecture: Ognen Arsov, Ana Kosi, Ajda Merslavič, Žiga Rošer

Collage: Sara Škarica

The residential block for the elderly will be constructed at a location with demanding conditions. It is to be situated on what is currently a parking area between an existing complex of apartment blocks and a city park. The competition seeks the construction of a new building, subterranean parking garage and as many parking areas as possible at street level. 


When designing and placing the building we sought to preserve maximum sun exposure for the existing apartment blocks while creating a new common plaza, a public space that connects existing apartment blocks with the city park across the local road. The overall design of the housing facility has been developed to be as compact and rational as possible. The building consists of two offset buildings. The ground floor houses common areas and entry into the garage. Upper floors share an identical floor plan with five apartments of varying size and typology. The facade is uniform, simple, yet playful. A simple interplay of windows and loggias, facade openings of uniform dimensions, gives the building a recognizable identity. 

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