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Housing for Young

Location: Šmarje nad Koprom

Invited competition, 2nd Prize

Year: 2021

Program: hresidential

Area: 3.500 m2

Architecture: Ognen Arsov, Ana Kosi, Žiga Rošer, Ajda Merslavič 

Collage: Sara Škarica


The multiapartment housing project for young families is situated at the edge of the compact Mediterranean settlement of Šmarje nad Koprom. The area is subject to a previously confirmed municipal detailed spatial plan that prescribes the footprint and micro-location for four multi-apartment buildings with a shared garage.

Two alternative solutions have been developed to redefine the multiapartment buildings, taking into account the favorable local climatic conditions for outdoor living and the specifics of the program. Both proposals refer to the baladur, a characteristic element of Istrian houses in the form of an external corridor or terrace outside the building's footprint, in order to rationalize the living experience.


The first variant is designed as a building with an external staircase and four corner flats per floor with loggias and a link to the inner corridor. 

The second variant provides for duplex oriented apartments with access via external corridors, with loggias and corridors structurally separated from the whole.

analize 1.jpg
analize 22.jpg
proposal b.jpg
varianta 1_KIP_KOPER_ŠMARJE_04_vizualizacija2.jpg
varianta 1_KIP_KOPER_ŠMARJE_05_vizualizacija3.jpg
varianta 1_KIP_KOPER_ŠMARJE_02_pritličje.jpg
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