high rise in the centre of Ljubljana

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia 

Client: Clipplus d.o.o.

Year: 2017- in progress

Program: housing, hotel

Area: 6.040 m2

Architecture: Kosi in partnerji + Arhitektura 2211; Ognen Arsov, Ana Cesar, Peter Cesar, Ana Kosi, Bine Tekavec, Tamara Rijavec

Collage: Sara Škarica

Model: Mala Hiša


The new high rise building in Ljubljana is designed in accordance with specific urbanistic regulations regarding the building’s dimensions.
This new structure is a hybrid that combines residential, hotel and public programs. The service block, designed as a monolithic block, rises from the ground floor through two communication cores to the top of the building. The dematerialized volume of public, residential and hotel spaces is attached to the service monolith.


The grid, which is the main element of the façade, densifies or thins out according to the program behind it. In this way, the compact volume of the building disintegrates into smaller units. The varying density of the grid dictates the degree of closing and opening of the building towards the street. The building is purposefully designed to allow homeowners, hotel guests and outside restaurant guests to meet. They will share the entrances to the building, the services and the common areas. The open structure supports the coexistence of permanent and random occupants of the building.