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KIP_hotel europa bled_01.jpg


Open Competition, 1st place

Location: Bled, Slovenia

1st Prize, Open Architectural Competition (ZAPS)

Year: 2020

Program: hospitality

Area: 8.000 m2

Architecture: Kosi in partnerji + Arhitektura 2211; Ognen Arsov, Peter Cesar, Ana Kosi, Sara Škarica, Tamara Rijavec, Domen Radosavljevič, Andraž Žitnik, Jakob Marčič, Ana Cesar

Collage: Sara Škarica

The competition foresees a new five star hotel in the world famous tourist destination of Bled. The hotel area is situated on a small steeply sloped plot in the midst of a delicate and protected settlement of small houses. 

In order to minimize the invasion of the surrounding space, the hotel and its sizable program was divided into three units - a dug-in supporting structure housing auxiliary areas and garage and two separate wooden cubes containing rooms, reception area, restaurant and part of the wellness program. All rooms have a good orientation and quality views. The design of the hotel enables the development of a new local plaza, a viewing platform at street level between the above-ground buildings. The new plaza is covered by a thin canopy roof. 

A newly established pathway above the dug-in section of the hotel connects two distinct parts of the surrounding settlement that are separated by elevation. In this way the hotel does not distance itself from its locale but becomes its constituent part. In terms of material the above-ground parts of the hotel are constructed of glass enveloped in a wooden skin. The area between both facades houses loggias with integrated private saunas. The secondary wooden filigree cladding is inspired by traditional local wooden architecture. 

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