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New offices in the old printing house

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Client: private

Year: 2022

Program: offices

Area: 2.725 m2

Architecture: Ognen Arsov, Ana Kosi, Neža Lazar, Ajda Merslavič, Barbara Žunkovič


The office premises are located in the historically important Old Printing House of Ljubljana. The building was designed by architect Savin Sever and is now being renovated for use for various office spaces. The office space is located in a space of high ceilings through which diffused sunlight shines through. The interior is designed in such a way that its image does not overwhelm the grey concrete beams, while at the same time introducing a sense of the new into the space with the construction of green steel galleries that try to touch the old in a dignified way.


Colours and materials of the interior have been chosen in the spirit of Slovenian modernism. The previously grey concrete floor is replaced by grey tapisson, and the office furniture is in black wood or plywood - introducing warmth and contrast to the colder grey. The light fittings above the desks and galleries appear in green, which refreshes the space while contributing to a productive work environment. Programme-wise, the wide and high hall of the Old Printing House is used for the carpet-like arranged traders' desks, while the new galleries feature enclosed meeting rooms and closed offices, as well as service areas.

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