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KIP_polajnar_00_zunanji pogled.jpg

Holiday House

Location: Gorenja vas, Slovenia

Client: Private

Year: 2021

Program: housing

Area: 155 m2

Architecture: Ognen Arsov, Ana Kosi, Sara Škarica 

Collage: Sara Škarica


On a steep slope above Gorenjska vas an existing building is set to be demolished to make room for the construction of a new holiday home that will preserve the gaberitic proportions of its predecessor. The house is designed rationally with a view to easy maintenance. The main quality of the location is an open view towards the valley and the framing of this view was an important guiding principle in the architectural design of the building. 

Conceptually the house consists of a wooden plinth (ground floor housing the bedrooms) and a triangular roof that stands on the plinth as an abstract grey cap. The cap contains the living spaces of the house that are oriented towards a panoramic window overlooking the valley. The simple and abstract geometry of the house and the composition of the window openings build the distinctive character of the house. 

KIP_polajnar_02_shema lokacije.jpg
KIP_polajnar_01_fotke lokacije.jpg
KIP_polajnar_04_shema 1.jpg
KIP_polajnar_zunanji pogled.jpg
KIP_polajnar_00_zunanji pogled.jpg
KIP_polajnar_06_interier 2.jpg
KIP_polajnar_05_interier 1.jpg
KIP_polajnar_11_prerez 2.jpg
KIP_polajnar_08_tloris mansarde.jpg
KIP_polajnar_07_tloris pritličja.jpg
FASADA 1.jpg
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FASADA 2.jpg
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