private clinic interior


Location: Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia

Client: Doktor M, d.o.o.

Year of implementation: 2017

Program: health

Area: 150 m2

​Architecture: Ognen Arsov, Ana Kosi, Marko Kavčič

Photography: Janez Marolt

Conceptual collage: Sara Škarica


The defining characteristic of the medical clinic in terms of design, program and ambience is the corridor. It plays the role of the main communication route, the waiting room and the reception area and as such also serves as a dividing line between the two program sets of the clinic. The shape of the corridor, offices and service spaces follows predetermined spatial conditions (positioning of windows and load-bearing structures) and strict regulations governing the design of public health facilities (widths of passages, surface of individual rooms, organization of paths and transparency of space). 


The ambience of the hallway is cinematic. Each of the boundary surfaces (walls, floor and ceiling) has its own materiality, reflectivity, colour and texture. Space perception changes while walking down the hall; the surface planes are drawn into different graphic, light and spatial compositions from different perspectives. 

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