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Open competition

Location: Maribor, Slovenia

Open Architectural Copmetition

Year: 2020

Program: healthcare

Area: 3.509 m2

Architecture: Ognen Arsov, Ana Kosi, Ajda Merslavič, Sara Škarica 

Landscape architecture: Lara Gligić

Collage: Sara Škarica


Our design of the Tabor Health Station was based on the premise that a healthcare centre is a space of vitality. The Tabor centre is designed as a “live” building; bright, adaptable, slender and organic. 


In concept terms the building is based in three elements - a central cross, four program quadrants and a green tampon zone that envelops the building. The central cross is the “in-between”, semi-public space of the facility. It houses all the communication pathways, waiting rooms, reception areas and visitor toilet facilities. The four quadrants house clinics and employee quarters. 

The above ground volume of the building is enveloped in a green tampon area, a 1 meter wide strip between the primary glass and secondary mesh facade. By means of a green strip formed by plants in raised troughs the building forms a contextual attachment with the park situated directly in front of the facility. The functional green tampon zone creates shade, provides intimacy and helps create a green and vital ambient in the building. 

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