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tourist accomodation in Reka

Location: Reka, Hrvaška 

Client: Sanomare Immobilien, d.o.o. 

Year: 2019 

Program: tourist

Area: 320 m2

Architecture: Ognen Arsov, Ana Kosi, Sara Škarica 

Collage: Sara Škarica

Concierge Apartments are located in the former Bristol Hotel in downtown Rijeka. The building was influenced by the Vienna School of Architecture and architect Otto Wagner and its micro location lies on an important infrastructure hub, adjacent to the new art / cultural district. In Rijeka the influences of Central Europe, the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe have been intertwined throughout history and this  is particularly noticeable in the city's architecture and art. The intent was to capture and emphasize these characteristics of Rijeka with a "site and culture-specific" concept which was the cardinal guideline when designing the apartment units.


In the existing shell of the building, which preserves the spirit of secession - the time in which the building itself was built, two "monuments" are placed in each apartment unit - monumentino della stanza and monumentino della cucina. These monuments are compact multifunctional pieces of furniture that contain all the furniture elements necessary for the mandatory tourist categorization of a one-bedroom accommodation unit. The 11 suites are connected by a hallway, which is shaped like a room of mirrors, giving the optical illusion of endless communications and entrances.

soba 1.jpg
vhodni prostor_pritlicje.jpg
KIP_IZP_AIRBNB REKA_sec vs novo.jpg
KIP_IZP_AIRBNB REKA_tloris novo stanje.j
modra soba_koncni.jpg
KIP_IZP_AIRBNB REKA_oprema_aksa.jpg
zelena soba_koncni.jpg
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