renovation of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange's business premises


Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Client: Ljubljana Stock Exchange, d.d.

Year of implementation: 2017

Program: business

Area: 320 m2

Architecture: Kosi in partnerji + Arhitektura 2211, Ognen Arsov, Peter Cesar, Ana Kosi, Bine Tekavec, Kaja Todorović

Photography: Janez Marolt

Conceptual collage: Sara Škarica


When designing the interior of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange's office spaces the load-bearing construction of the building was accentuated to the fullest. In addition to the existing set of supporting columns we created a new collonade element that runs centrally along the entire space. This element divides the space into smaller ambiences which ensure equal working and living conditions. 


On the generic office building platform the colonnade creates an abstract and monumental space. The newly designed floor plan is defined by the floor plan ratios of classical architecture. The stable spatial composition is co-created by symmetrical design, uniform materials and rhythmic repetitions of the same elements. The perspective of abstract space changes as the observer moves through the colonnade and space opens sequentially across its width in a uniform rhythm. In the space the colonnade creates constantly changing light conditions conditioned by both natural and artificial light.

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