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kip_baragovo semenišče_00.jpg

Open competition

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Open Architectural Competition, Honorable mention

Year: 2023

Program: culture

Area: 28.950 m2

Architecture: Ognen Arsov, Ana Kosi, Žiga Rošer, Eva Lupše, Sara Škarica

Landscape architecture: Nika Marn


The architectural design is based on Plečnik's idea of the existing unfinished building of the Baraga Seminary in Ljubljana and its never realised original design of a circular-transverse building. In the design of the building, we combined the existing building with Plečnik's heritage with the needs of a contemporary programme (Slovenian Youth Theatre, Pioneer Centre, Student Centre), which fills the existing building and the new extension in a new way.  


The latter consists of three buildings with clear geometric forms, inside which a complex interplay of programmes is organised: a circular plate, a transversal rectangular volume and a communication corridor. The circular plate is directly adjacent to the façade of the existing building and aligns with the height of the wreath of the first basement of the existing building. The transverse rectangular volume of the reinforced concrete construction is set back from the existing seminary building and forms a new context within the existing space.


In the overall design of the building and the facades, a conscious decision was made to retain or renovate the blank facades of the unfinished building as blank monoliths. This action is intended to emphasise rather than deny the building's past history. We wanted to highlight the multi-faceted life of the building, which is the result of wider socio-political historical events.

kip_baragovo semenišče_01.jpg
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