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changing of office spaces into apartments 

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Client: Pristop

Year: 2018

Program: housing

Area: 3490 m2

Architecture: Kosi in partnerji + Arhitektura 2211, Ognen Arsov, Peter Cesar, Ana Kosi, Barbara Žunkovič, žiga Rošer

Conceptual collage: Sara Škarica

Two floors of office spaces were transformed into small apartments. The design of the apartments was dictated by the skeletal load-bearing structure of the building, the position of the communication cores and the depth of the building.


The space, initially intended for business activity, was too deep for the classic residential floorplan typology as it would leave most of the rooms without sufficient natural light. The given depth of the building therefore dictated the division of the floor plan into five areas; the central corridor, two service zones (containing spaces that do not necessarily require light) and two areas of living quarters. Through the two service zones we created an intersection of the semi-public space and the private lounge. Instead of the classic hallway we designed an inner street that became a common social space for the residents. Consequentially, the hallway was no longer strictly separated from the apartment, but became its extension.

pristop_stanovanje 04.jpg
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